Continuous Delivery

Iterate faster than the competition. Turn data into actionable insights. React faster to changes in the market.

Cloud Computing

Save money and spend more time on the core of your business and less time worrying about infrastructure.

Security & Compliance

Moving faster than the competition doesn't require compromising on security. Avoid embarrassing security incidents.


Assessment: Analyze your software delivery practices and produce recommendations to achieve lower risk, higher quality and reduced time-to-market.

Implementation: Roll out the necessary changes to development process, practices and tools required to implement your vision.

Assessment: See if cloud computing can save you money and reduce time-to-market.

Review: Identify common pitfalls in your migration plans or existing cloud infrastructure.

Implementation: Help with all the tasks required to migrate to the cloud.

Keep us around for a low monthly fee to answer questions, implement quick fixes or keep up with security updates.


We take a look at the fundamental building blocks of cloud infrastructure, specifically using Amazon Web Services, and how they can be assembled for resilient, scalable web architectures.
A deep dive into automating all aspects of the infrastructure, from provisioning using cloud APIs, to automated configuration management with Chef or Puppet, to orchestration and deployments.
An introductory course focused on setting up monitoring & alerting, log aggregation, and the collection and visualization of application metrics.